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Body Bar Flex Basics DVD
Body Bar Flex Basics DVD 
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Body Bar Flex Basics DVD

This easy to follow Body Bar Flex Basics DVD taught by Lashaun Dale, takes you through a blend of standing routines, seated exercises and floor work. Tone and stretch all the major muscle groups. Great for those just beginning an exercise program and for those hoping to increase range of motion.

Precise, controlled moves strengthen your core muscles, your back, and abs. Teaches functional full range of motion and balance needed for everyday movement.

  • build strength
  • develop flexibility and balance
  • improve your alignment, breathing, and form

Requires a 4' Body Bar Flex or the 3' Body Bar Flex. Equipment: 2 Flex Bars (to vary resistance - 2nd optional), chair, and floor mat.

The Body Bar Flex Basics DVD is a safe, comfortable, and effective exercise program for everyone who wants to stay active, strong, and independent.

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